You are whatever you believe yourself to be - Are you connected to your world? 

                                                                                                                Byron Katie

I work with Classical Swedish Massage, on a deep tissue and healing level, to resolve tensions and blockages in your muscles and meridians. 

60 min -- $140 

90 min -- $200 



Kinesiology, Balancing of the nervous system, Kinesiotape 



60 min -- $140





Rebirthing/Holotropic breathworks

A very effective breathing treatment that releases inner blockages, and has a powerful approach to self-exploration and personal empowerment that relies on our innate inner wisdom and it's capacity to move us toward positive transformation and wholeness.  

60-90 min -- $150 (Call for more info and bookings)

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August 8, 2016

Kinesiology is like a google search system for the body. It's a way of communicating with the nervous system to find the ground cause of a problem or function. There are many different directions in the kinesiology field and many different ways of getting to the same solution. It's the holistic way of looking at things that makes kinesiology such a powerful tool to use. In kinesiology treatments you test the body with so calle...

August 7, 2016

Massage therapy is a way of helping your body recover and heal itself. I've been a massage therapist since 2001 and through a deep tissue and healing classical Swedish massage I get through to your muscles and energy centre. The classical Swedish massage therapy works by focusing on rehabilitating the areas in need of treatment, so it's generally not a "relaxing" full body massage.

Through massage therapy the body will release...

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My philosophy


~Consciousness is not something we have, it's what we are. The only way of truly knowing what you are meant to be doing is to practice the art of getting to know yourself and follow your own path. ~

Maria Ohlsson   



Please remember that I am not a physician and I do not give medical advice. I also don't give diagnoses or cure any medical illness. 


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